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Final Fantasy 14 is free for returning players for a limited time

Le 30 mars 2018, 11:34 dans Humeurs 0

A player is a bit relaxed in his monthly subscription to Final Fantasy 14, and can return to Eorza for free for a few days.

The free sign-in activity will be refunded to the player who purchased the game and register the account for 4 days. This event is limited to a limited period and will continue until Sunday, May 6.


Players whose accounts are suspended or prohibited cannot participate because of obvious reasons. In addition, if you are considering subscribing to a trial version, please wait until 4 days after you register, the free login period will be lost.


If you are taking a short break or are currently putting your wallet in your wallet, now is a good time to revisit the game. In the latest update, the unique battle mechanism and area-specific progress, as well as the seventh season of the feast PvP began.


Square Enix participated in the son of Acteens and La Realty of Fantasy XIV. Duranteunosdías offers works that MMORPG praises.


Hata El 6 Mayo One Las Vegas 16:00 horasen España, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish Podéisconocermás, you can find Potashiti.


Durante este periodo (FF14 Gil loses money and needs to sell him to earn), el usuario, all Hasma 96 horas.

Where to Start and All Emote Rewards In FFXIV

Le 2 mars 2018, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

Square Enix released the next limited time event, but this time is the return of FFXIV for Little Ladies Day. Join all the festivals around the Warblens group and congratulate a little woman in your life. More importantly, during this event you can pick up considerable bonuses.

You will never miss these exclusive shows due to limited FFXIV events for Little Ladies. Let's start with the rewards from where you started this activity without further noise.

You can start the Little Women's Day FFXIV at Uldah like last year. Immediately before your main Aetheryte Crystal Uldah moves to Uldah, there is a Mythril Eye Journalist (X: 9.2, Y: 9.1) where you can start talking by talking.

Now all players can participate in the Uleda 15 Ladies Day FFXIV 2018 and will now be held at the PDT on Wednesday, March 14, at 7:59 a.m. It's less than two weeks, so do not waste your time, you will want to avoid missing the sweet rewards you can get.

FFXIV Emotes and rewards for all the little ladies

In addition to returning to some FFXIV events for the previous year, you can also get some new rewards from this year's event. The most important of these is the mood of the event.

FFXIV (ffxiv gil buy New homes will be available in version 4.25) discount for the Little Lady's Day only at this event is as follows:

Cheer · Jump · Expression

Cheers · wave · stem this

Emote support

Far East Doll Show (table)

Siren song band · scroll

buy final fantasy 14 gil is the player's favorite interest

Le 28 novembre 2017, 10:27 dans Humeurs 0

Square Enix today announced that it has acquired 10 million players since the 2013 MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV" revival.

Shortly after Storm Brad, a new content release for Japanese game makers, Square Enix reached an important milestone in the final fantasy XIV MMOs and earnings. The company reports that FFXIV violated 10 million players worldwide, including free trials and paid subscriptions.

Interestingly, Square Enix said Stormblood made a significant contribution to revenue in the first quarter. In just 10 days of availability, Stormblood's MMO segment represented a strong 67%, helping to secure 9.3 billion yen ($ 84.304 million) in net sales over a year earlier. Square Enix's is that no matter whether net purchases from digital purchases and physical purchases of Stormblood (buy final fantasy 14 gil are things that players like to do) increase, we lead the proliferation of active paid subscriptions. In the Final Fantasy 14 that will continue to attract millions of fans to millions of fans, Square Enix, which has now introduced a small amount of money into the game, will continue to reap the full revenue.

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