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buy final fantasy 14 gil is the player's favorite interest

Le 28 novembre 2017, 10:27 dans Humeurs 0

Square Enix today announced that it has acquired 10 million players since the 2013 MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV" revival.

Shortly after Storm Brad, a new content release for Japanese game makers, Square Enix reached an important milestone in the final fantasy XIV MMOs and earnings. The company reports that FFXIV violated 10 million players worldwide, including free trials and paid subscriptions.

Interestingly, Square Enix said Stormblood made a significant contribution to revenue in the first quarter. In just 10 days of availability, Stormblood's MMO segment represented a strong 67%, helping to secure 9.3 billion yen ($ 84.304 million) in net sales over a year earlier. Square Enix's is that no matter whether net purchases from digital purchases and physical purchases of Stormblood (buy final fantasy 14 gil are things that players like to do) increase, we lead the proliferation of active paid subscriptions. In the Final Fantasy 14 that will continue to attract millions of fans to millions of fans, Square Enix, which has now introduced a small amount of money into the game, will continue to reap the full revenue.

EA Sports gets the ratings of its players pretty spot on in FIFA

Le 6 novembre 2017, 14:30 dans Humeurs 0

Players such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Gareth Bale(for more info about have the feeling of speed and I know they can play 90+ steps.

However, knowing that Daniel Shootridge was only 76 on FIFA 18 may be alarming.

In the FATV video, England teammate Stuart Ricci and Rahim Stirling played a game to see who knows each other.

As you can see, Starritch's favorite TV show is Luther, while Stirling is scared high.

But when it comes to Sturridge's FIFA statistics are higher, Stirling believes that this should be consistent.

First, Sturridge hurt Sterling, thinking his best was not shooting.

However, when Liverpool know his speed is low, his face is valuable.

"It's fake," Stirling said. "... Daniel is the blues of the 90s.

"I'm one of the fastest forwards in the Premier League," I admire my reputation, respect my sincerity, respect my name ... you are at FIFA but we need to fire, "he continued jokingly .

At least Sturridge's stats go further than Ultimate Scream cards released before Halloween.

Sturridge finally won the game, but again he celebrated a miracle of a brief victory over his pace.

"Some time back to FIFA(get more fifa coins at cheap ut coins)," he said. Stirling laughed at him. "Are they serious?

EA Sports to invest in a new console

Le 11 octobre 2017, 10:40 dans Humeurs 0

If you are considering using the latest version of EA Sports(There is our official web of More about which you can find more fun) to invest in a new console, check out some of the benefits of the UK.

FIFA 18 can play around the world.

If you do not intend to invest in a new console to take full advantage of the latest version of EA Sports, retailers will bundle a variety of special offers, so we recommend that you buy me now

In order to get the best deal, Goal has evaluated these options and evaluated the top PS4 and Xbox One packages.


There are plans to sell PS 4 and FIFA 18 as low as possible, and some stores sell an ultra-thin 500 GB version console with a £ 199.99 game, Argos, Very, Currys PC World option.

If you need additional storage space, 1 TB system will be better.

It is available for GAME with FIFA 18 with 229.99 pounds, Sky Atlantic and more than 250 TV box entertainment passes that will win 2 boxes.

If you want to get more game space than 1 TB console, GAME Slim 500 GB system with second controller, FIFA 18, DOOM, Smelly 2, Radiation 4, Price 229.99 lbs You can get

All three extra games are rated 18+, so please choose according to your child to choose the appropriate.

Another option for the extra game is Argos' £ 229.99 contract, including the highly anticipated fate of FIFA 18 and September.

GAME has a second controller that offers a version of £ 249.99 for the NOW TV pass, but you need to be aware that the inventory will come back.


The FIFA 18 bundle starts at £ 199.99 on the 500 GB version of the Xbox One S, but you can get extra games at that price.

Please select Amazon, GAME, Very or Argos (Amazon and Very Hot Hawels), "Gears of War 4", "Microsoft Store" or "Argos" from Forza Horizo ​​n 3.

Argus throws Forza Motorsport 7 or Halo War 2 £ 20 for a total of £ 219.99.


If you really want to go all, you may be interested in providing Currys PC(welcome to our ut coins site) World 1 TB console, FIFA 18, Forza Horizo ​​n 3, Halo 5: Guardians and Quantum Break for £ 270.

By adding an additional controller to the bundle, you can earn a total of £ 309.99 or 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership (£ 278.99).

For the super fans, Amazon has an annual version of the game, 236.89 pounds with FIFA 18 and Forza Horizo ​​n 3.

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