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Final Fantasy XIV's next extended story rumor summary

Le 1 août 2018, 08:09 dans Humeurs 0

The final extension of Final Fantasy XIV was launched more than a year ago. The blood of the storm is a fascinating story about imperialism, the power of survival and the indomitable friendship. Square Enix made an interesting expansion of the next expansion of the leading fans after the game. The stakes are higher than ever, and our excitement has reached the beginning of enthusiasm. During the next FFXIV expansion, the community released rumors about new characters, mysterious villains and hidden players. Here, we introduce the most popular conspiracy theories in Eorzea.

This has been around for a while. Since we criticized Gaius Van Bazaar for killing Ultima's weapon and exploding in an explosive way, we have doubts. Unless the body is found, it is safest to assume that the character is still alive. We have been operating this way for a long time and our hopes may be rewarded.


Under the recent Moonlight patch, a mysterious Ascian hunter was introduced to Alphinaud. In addition to being tall, dark and handsome, this guy has a familiar atmosphere. We can't put it in the first place, but our fans are dirty. Ascian Hunter actually has a very distinctive mask, the Gaius mask.


This is important for several reasons. First, Ascian Hunter collected quite a few trophies from his prey. This shows that a person has deep resentment against the Asian people. As can be seen from the true purpose of the ultimate weapon and the reaction of the Ascian plot, he is betrayed and his new empire's dream has collapsed. It is easy to see how to stop the Yasians who interfered with him.


Second, Ascian Hunter acknowledged the relationship with Sion. This means that you have encountered it before. In addition, he has other very distinctive features. The third eye, his fighting style, and the presence of the Gurley School point to the Garland Association.


All fans believe that Alphinaud's newest ally is Gaius van Baelsar (ffxiv gold buy items is easy to help us solve problems when we need them in time). If this guess is true, we will visit Garlemald in the next development. But Gaius thinks helping Sions be as mysterious as his new Perso. Since Bloodshed usually follows the revenge plot of Final Fantasy XIV, the conflict is always stranded.

Final Fantasy 14 is free for returning players for a limited time

Le 30 mars 2018, 11:34 dans Humeurs 0

A player is a bit relaxed in his monthly subscription to Final Fantasy 14, and can return to Eorza for free for a few days.

The free sign-in activity will be refunded to the player who purchased the game and register the account for 4 days. This event is limited to a limited period and will continue until Sunday, May 6.


Players whose accounts are suspended or prohibited cannot participate because of obvious reasons. In addition, if you are considering subscribing to a trial version, please wait until 4 days after you register, the free login period will be lost.


If you are taking a short break or are currently putting your wallet in your wallet, now is a good time to revisit the game. In the latest update, the unique battle mechanism and area-specific progress, as well as the seventh season of the feast PvP began.


Square Enix participated in the son of Acteens and La Realty of Fantasy XIV. Duranteunosdías offers works that MMORPG praises.


Hata El 6 Mayo One Las Vegas 16:00 horasen España, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish Podéisconocermás, you can find Potashiti.


Durante este periodo (FF14 Gil loses money and needs to sell him to earn), el usuario, all Hasma 96 horas.

Where to Start and All Emote Rewards In FFXIV

Le 2 mars 2018, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

Square Enix released the next limited time event, but this time is the return of FFXIV for Little Ladies Day. Join all the festivals around the Warblens group and congratulate a little woman in your life. More importantly, during this event you can pick up considerable bonuses.

You will never miss these exclusive shows due to limited FFXIV events for Little Ladies. Let's start with the rewards from where you started this activity without further noise.

You can start the Little Women's Day FFXIV at Uldah like last year. Immediately before your main Aetheryte Crystal Uldah moves to Uldah, there is a Mythril Eye Journalist (X: 9.2, Y: 9.1) where you can start talking by talking.

Now all players can participate in the Uleda 15 Ladies Day FFXIV 2018 and will now be held at the PDT on Wednesday, March 14, at 7:59 a.m. It's less than two weeks, so do not waste your time, you will want to avoid missing the sweet rewards you can get.

FFXIV Emotes and rewards for all the little ladies

In addition to returning to some FFXIV events for the previous year, you can also get some new rewards from this year's event. The most important of these is the mood of the event.

FFXIV (ffxiv gil buy New homes will be available in version 4.25) discount for the Little Lady's Day only at this event is as follows:

Cheer · Jump · Expression

Cheers · wave · stem this

Emote support

Far East Doll Show (table)

Siren song band · scroll

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